Drug-Drug Interaction Inquiry System for Kidney Transplant Patients

Journal: Transplantation

Manuscript ID: TPA-2013-1271


Background and objectives:
Kidney transplant recipients are at increased risk for adverse safety events related to reduced renal function and polypharmacy. Health information technology (HIT) tools have a precautionary role in improving safety in patients with kidney transplants who treat risk of drug-drug interactions.

Design, participants and measurements:

Usability testing of a Drug-Drug Interaction Inquiry System on a representative sample of kidney transplant patients and their family members was conducted between January-April 2013, by a single interviewer. Each participant was provided with 35 tasks to complete on a mobile phone with a manual key pad. The tasks were classified according to how it was completed: easily completed / non-critical error, or critical error (where a participant was unable to complete the given task without intervention by the interviewer). The final task was timed using a stop watch.


Out of a total of 16 volunteers, 15 completed the testing. The median time to complete the final task was 4 minutes (range 2-9 minutes). In a cumulative total of 525 tasks, 33 critical errors were noted. Twelve participants had greater than or equal to one critical error.

Usability of a Drug Drug Interaction_Submitted_112113

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